Special Thank You's

To everyone who sponsored us on our 10K Run at Stockley Park. We raised over £1000 (not even including those who chose to donate rather than sponsor)

To Katie Winton and the instructors at Bracknell Sports Centre for running such a brilliant Aerobathon for Bella and raised £574

To HUG Radio who raised over £343.00 for Bella over their launch weekend

To Pauls Trust who donated £1000 to help Bella. (A fabulous local Bracknell charity who help disabled children)

To Bloor Homes for the £500 to Bella for Tony Vines running the Reading half marathon. 

To Darren Bardwell and Rodney Dee who have raised over £800 running the 10k at Shinfield.

To Bloor Homes again for the £3500 for the pledges for each property sold in April and the prize draw.

To local shops such as 'Stop n Shop' in Harmans Water who have had collection tins for Bella!

To friends, family and total strangers who have sent us cheques or donated out of kindness to support Bella. Thank you so much!




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